The Best of Essaouira

The Best of EssaouiraI have been working on an e-book called ‘The Best of Essaouira’. It includes my top tips for visitors to this city, including where to eat, drink, sleep, shop, visit and many other activities.
This has been a steep learning curve for me and I have been heavily reliant on the blog posts of Amy Lynn Andrews in helping me with the drafting, formatting and – insha’Allah – publishing and marketing. Coming from a government and communications background, I am used to writing policy papers, press releases, communiqués and other written documents, so the drafting wasn’t the hard part. (Neither was all the testing of the different locations, I hasten to add!) Rather, I find the technical parts complex and the choice of publishers, formats, marketing widgets and website plug-ins bewildering. Thankfully, I have some help from Scott on the technical side – one third of the cutest family I have yet to meet in Essaouira.
Anyway, back to the content of my e-book. The idea is that in each category, I list the very best options – all tried, all tested, no adverts, no paid entries. This is the real deal, from on the ground, with me, a local. The listings don’t just include upscale restaurants and hotels. There are some authentic yet less polished experiences in there as well. And all are places I would happy visit. I assume my readers have already heard of Essaouira, that they know they want to come and have maybe even already bought their flights. With The Best of Essaouira, they can hit the ground running, make the most of their time, get to know the locals and – most of all – r-e-l-a-x….

The Best of EssaouiraSo, what would be my top three recommendations for visitors to Essaouira? If you do nothing else, make sure your experiences include super fresh sardines, stunning sunsets and soothing soaks (in the sea if it’s warm enough, in the hammam if not). For more inspiration, check out the Essaouira pages of this blog. 

If you have already been to Essaouira, what are your top 3 Swiri experiences or recommendations?

My e-book is now available! Download your copy here.



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