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The Demographic Dividend and the Power of Youth

The Demographic Dividend and the Power of Youth book coverI am very proud to announce that the fourth book to which I have contributed on Morocco was published earlier this month. The Demographic Dividend and the Power of Youth is an anthology of essays from around the world about harnessing the energy and potential of younger generations.

My chapter takes case studies of successful interventions on youth and women’s employability undertaken by The Challenge Group in sub-Saharan Africa and applies them to Morocco. Although in many ways North African countries are economically more advanced than those of sub-Saharan Africa, they face similar challenges in their youthful populations. They also share dual needs to ensure young people have marketable skills while stimulating micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as the backbone of any economy, to create jobs.  Continue reading

Fanon Yesterday, today

Frantz Fanon: Hier, Aujord'hui film poster

source: vimeo.com

Frantz Fanon is a key author for anyone interested in development, colonialization or the post-colonial experience. I first came across him during my Masters on Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and bought a copy of The Wretched of the Earth as some not-particularly-light (but very relevant) holiday reading on a trip to the country of the living revolution, Cuba. An opportunity to see Hassane Mezine’s documentary, Fanon: Hier, Aujord’hui (Fanon Yesterday, Today) in the 2019 Africa in Motion Film Festival was an opportunity to learn more about Fanon’s life and philosophy and also to discover the continuing relevance and legacy of his work. Continue reading

A house in Morocco

Skala house

there are hidden treasures behind Moroccan doors

I first visited Morocco in 2001. We visited palaces, hamams, madrasas and gardens and stayed in riads, tents and a couple of real dives. My many memories are punctuated by mosaic tile patterns, beautiful trickling fountains, vast sunny courtyards surrounded by colonnades and green-roofed mosque minarets. I found the architecture, interior design and crafts inspiring and I have long harboured a desire to live in such beautiful surroundings. I tried to inject an essence of Morocco into my home in Edinburgh, Scotland. But a life surrounded by artifacts of my travels is not the same as a life lived abroad, and my heart lies in Essaouira. I now have the opportunity to move to Morocco and live the dream.

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