Marrakech International Film Festival: Malak

crowds await celebs on the red carpet

crowds await celebs on the red carpet

Malak (in the Coup de Coeur section of the festival) is the story of a teenage Moroccan girl who falls pregnant and her attempts to find a solution to her situation. That’s the plotline, but Malak is really a film about the marginalised in society; about the diversity of modern Moroccan society and the taboos that people face when they depart from socially acceptable behaviour.

Malak is also a tale of how help sometimes comes from the quarters you least expect – and not always from the people you think you can rely on. And how, the easiest thing to do is to turn one’s back and ignore a problem; the harder job is to act with humility and understanding. What the characters in this film also show is that humility and understanding don’t cost any money: those who have the least are often the ones most willing to give.

Director Abdeslam Kelai, whose disability due to childhood polio has been a great motivating factor in his own life and who hails from Larache (in Northern Morocco), where he based Malak, directs an empathetic and sensitive – but at times harrowing – film. But it one which is worth watching to get a real insight into Moroccan society today, not least into the complex position of women within it. Chaimae Ben Acha plays Malak with the depth one would expect of a far more experienced actress and convincingly portrays her loss of innocence.

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