Lotions, potions, charms & spells

quick fix for any ailment

quick fix for any ailment

The inhabitants of so-called developed countries are often parodied as suffering from a whole bunch of self-inflicted (or invented) maladies from which we seek solace in any number of quack remedies and self-help manuals.

Life in less wealthy countries is often more precarious than life in the UK and people cannot afford to be self-indulgent. Morocco is officially a Muslim country, but I have noticed since moving here last year that although every Moroccan’s daily conversation is peppered with requests to Allah to help himself, his family or the family of just about everyone he meets, superstition abounds. Coupled with a centuries-old knowledge of medicinal plants handed down through the generations, this provides for a genuine belief in the ability lotions, potions, charms and spells to solve problems of the mind, body and heart.

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