Internet cafes in Essaouira

Want to check your e-mails while you are in Essaouira? Your airline insists you print off your boarding pass but you don’t know where to?

Don’t worry – there are internet cafes all over town! Many people here still don’t have their own printer or scanner at home, so there is a supply of cyber cafes, copy shops and tele-boutiques to meet that demand. Many of them can also fax, scan and word process for you, or even do simple design jobs while-you-wait.

In the medina, there is a cyber café with a printer in the street that runs in from Bab Marrakech. Once you cross over the main souk street (Souk Jdid or Khodara), and pass the back of the fish market, it’s on the right before you get to the tourist shopping street (Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah). It’s a bit pricey (5dh per sheet as opposed to 1dh elsewhere), but it’s handy for tourists staying in the medina. There is another in a parallel street in the Mellah Kdim nearer the port – the street is called Abdelsmih.

Outside the medina, cyber cafes and copy shops are plentiful – just ask someone in the street. I often take documents on a USB stick to Said Copy – every taxi driver knows him and he is in a whole street of copy shops and service boutiques.

Near the bus station, El Baze (down the street at the side of the cafe across from where the buses enter the station) is reliable and also has a shop selling computer accessories, cables, chargers etc.

If you only need to print off your boarding pass, your hotel reception will often oblige.

2 thoughts on “Internet cafes in Essaouira

  1. Myriam Soussan

    Do you know if said copy in Essaouira is open on saturday, It is impossible to find the good number to contact them and i live at 1h30 from Essaouira!
    I’m sorry to disturb you, thank you for your answer.

    1. lynn Post author

      Hi Myriam,
      I think he’s open every day except for prayer time on Fridays and possibly Sundays. However, when he is shut you can normally find one of his competitors nearby who is open.
      Hope that’s helpful!


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