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Morocco is an incredibly photogenic country.  With bright blue skies and well over 300 days’ sunshine per year in many locations, the light is incredible.  It is a land of bustling cities, arid deserts, lush green cultivation, sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, palm groves and much more.  The architecture; crafts such as hand-woven carpets, leather ware, wrought iron work and pottery; and the landscapes, flora and fauna make fantastic subjects.  So do the local cuisine and its constituent ingredients such as vibrantly coloured spices, lush glistening olives and bright verdant herbs.  A sensitive photographer can also find some fascinating human subjects. These photos of Morocco give you some ideas of the sights.

© All images are copyright of Lynn Sheppard.  If you would like to visit these places, are interested in using the photos or would like further information on Morocco as a photography, filming or holiday location, please get in touch via



4 thoughts on “Gallery – photos of Morocco

  1. Paddy Bailie

    Congratulations on capturing the colours and sights of Essaouira so well.
    We stayed there for 2 weeks last September at the Hotel Ocean Vagabond, which we can highly recommend as a modest hotel, with quality food and helpful staff.
    I am compiling a photobook and thanks to your reference to the market at Ida Ougard, I have been to label my photos of our visit. We were taken there by a driver we hired who had been recommended by the hotel the tourist office. We were warned about possible pickpockets and not to take photos of the locals’ faces so not to upset them.. A great place to visit to get the feel of rural Morocco.
    Good luck with the book and website.

      1. Shane

        Hi Lynn

        I hope this is you and not paddy 🙂 My wife and I are in early stages of planning for a Morroan trip late March / April. At this point we are considering Intrepid as our vehicle to travel, which included Essaouira. We are planning a 2 – 3week holiday, coming from Australia. Is there a better way to tackle Morocco, other than a “guided” tour. We are relatively independent travellers (mainly Asia) but have not ventured into the midlle East or North Africa.
        Would welcome you ideas / thoughts.
        I think I have fallen in love with Essaouira , and havnt even been there yet :)!!

        1. lynn Post author

          Hi Shane,

          If you are an experienced traveller, you will have little problem getting around Morocco. The big advantage of an organised tour is that you can make the most of your time as all the logistics are arranged for you. However, if you are willing to go at a slower pace and maybe see a bit less but experience Morocco rather than dashing through it, you can DIY.

          Intrepid certainly have a good reputation in Morocco, but I would urge you to consider local experts such as Sheherezadventures or Travel Exploration who can organise a tailored, bespoke trip for you. Also look at Roam Like Queens, an Australian outfit who do a couples tour once a year.

          Feel free to mail me if you have any specific questions.



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