Extending the welcome – being a trustee at Multi-Cultural Family Base

Trustees' Week 2020As regular readers of this blog will know, our Scottish-Moroccan family divides its time between Edinburgh and Essaouira. Recently, I have spent more time in Scotland recently than in Morocco. Current travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic haven’t helped, of course. 

In Edinburgh, I have sought ways to welcome and support those new to Scotland in the way I felt welcomed and supported everywhere I have lived abroad – not just in Morocco, but also in Japan, Belgium and Germany. I have achieved this by volunteering – as a befriender with The Welcoming, and as a Trustee at Multi-Cultural Family Base (MCFB). 

You can read more about my experience as a trustee in this blog I wrote for MCFB to commemorate Trustees’ Week 2020. Through my role on the MCFB Board, I hope to play a small part in building on over 20 years of success of in helping families and young people new to Scotland to fulfil their potential, and to helping further embed MCFB in the communities which it serves.

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