Essaouira, Morocco – holiday destination and much more

essential EssaouiraThink of Morocco and you may think of the mosques and minarets, towering over souks where seasoned hagglers promise carpets that fly and lamps complete with genies. Or perhaps you imagine the sweeping Sahara, traversed by camels led by nomadic tribesmen. For an increasing number of European tourists, expats and retirees, however, Morocco means fast, modern cities and relaxed seaside resorts, such as Essaouira.

By far the majority of Europeans living in Morocco are French, followed by Spanish and Italians. Due to political, linguistic, personal and cultural connections, there are particular benefits for French nationals resident in Morocco. However, due to easier flight connections, improvements in the investment environment, the stability compared to its Arab neighbors and practically year-round sunshine, Morocco has become an important tourist, second home and retirement location for northern Europeans, including from the UK.

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