Lynn Sheppard maroc-o-phileThe maroc-o-phile site was conceived and is managed by Lynn Sheppard, a British woman based mainly in Essaouira, Morocco (and partly in Edinburgh, UK). Lynn is a self-motivated and extremely well-organised individual with strong transferable skills and a keen eye for marketing opportunities and business systems improvement. Throughout her working life, she has developed a strong track record in team management, strategic thinking, problem solving and customer focus. Her career has also featured a consistent thread of promotional, public diplomacy, marketing and events work. As a civil servant for 13 years, she worked in a number of politically charged areas with strong media interest and involving high profile protagonists. Through this experience, she cultivated an ability to stay calm under pressure, pull her team together to provide solutions and adapt her style to a range of interlocutors. She has lived and worked in a number of countries across Europe, Africa and Asia as well as in multi-national environments such as the EU and UN. Through this experience, she has built an understanding of intercultural issues as well as the ability to speak a number of foreign languages.

As well as writing, researching, sourcing and photographing for the maroc-o-phile site, Lynn is available for partnership and collaboration. As well as her professional skills, Lynn is a knowledgeable expert on Moroccan culture, cuisine and travel. In particular, having known the city for over 12 years, she is a well-networked and multi-lingual mine of information about Essaouira, local sights and attractions, events, history and expat life. For examples of her writing for clients, see the Portfolio page. She is co-founder and major contributor to the Facebook group Essaouira Expats & Friends.

Potential areas of collaboration include:

– writing, web content provision and journalism in accurate, persuasive English

– guest blog posts

– translation (from French or German into English)

– relief management for your guesthouse, riad or holiday home

– social media marketing, communications and strategy

– fixing, scouting or search functions in Essaouira

– sourcing, buying or export of Moroccan goods, crafts and design items

– quality images of or interesting articles about Essaouira or Marrakech for your publicity or website

– advice on foreign investment, property purchasing or expat life in Morocco.


Got a business idea or project you’d like to turn into reality in Essaouira? Contact Lynn for further information on how she could support your project.





“I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your time, professionalism and hard work… From a guy who has started his own businesses many times, I do wish you the very best of luck in Morocco. It’ll be a challenge I’m sure, but it will be one hell of an adventure. I know that it takes a lot of spirit to quit a well paid, secure job and to go and set up by yourself and I admire you for doing this, especially abroad! Having met you, I know you will take all of the challenges to come in your stride and I am sure that you will make the new venture a great success.”

Lee Fish, Director, Illuminant Brands

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you had done for us over this past month. You have been a great asset to us and it is with much sadness that we are going to lose you. Your efforts and achievements during this past month had been tremendous and most impressive! I am sure your business will strive under your guidance!”

Marianna Fossick, Founder, Gain Investments Group



16 thoughts on “Collaboration

  1. Jean luc Motte

    Dear Madam,

    We are In Essaouira since 9 month and very pleased to be here, and also to know our fcebook page activities.
    We are also on FB JEAN LUC MOTTE,

    We also have a guest house and will be plesed to be listed on your FB PAGE
    NAMED JP Blue House, website : We also work and create websites and have. Lot of activities, with my friend Philip Vigneul.
    We will be on Tripadvisor if you want to know more about us.
    Thanks and please to meet you on FB
    JP Blue House
    40 rue Samarkand ( al Mostakbal, near Dunes area).
    44000 Essaouira
    OUR PHONE : 212 524 476 476
    And we also have a special offer for English people ( tripavisor offer free continental breakfast for The new direct flights to Essouira, travellers.
    We know a lot of people you know too, and will be pleased to see an speak with you.
    Jean Luc Motte

    1. lynn Post author

      Dear Jean-Luc,
      thanks for your comment and your earlier e-mail. I only review and blog about properties I have visited and can personally vouch for. I will be in Essaouira in May, so if you would like to offer me the opportunity to test out your services, I would be very happy to do so! Please feel free to continue this conversation in private via e-mail. Merci et à bientot, incha’allah!

  2. Moorish Adventures

    we would like to be part of your amazing website.
    our company based in essaouira but last few months moved to marrakech
    Moorish Adventures its a company organising tours from marrakech to many destinations around morocco.
    we will be more then happy to check out Moorish Adventures on :

    best regards
    management,Moorish Adventures

    1. lynn Post author

      Feel free to drop me an e-mail and let me know what you had in mind! The address is on the site.
      Best regards,

  3. Ladi Shekete

    Hello Lynn,

    Trust you are doing great. Our company, Afro Tourism is always on the lookout for travel writers in African cities who appreciate and understand the need for providing verifiable information. We would be interested in working with you as a guest blogger on our website or a freelance writer who would provide travel information on Morocco including details of service providers, tour operators, upcoming events & entertainment.

    If this is something that may interest you, please contact the Afro Tourism, Content Editor,

    1. lynn Post author

      Thanks for getting in touch! I will get in touch with Miriam in the next few days! Kindest regards, Lynn

  4. Rachid Ouidad

    I ‘d like please to publish my written Marketting of the town of Essaouira.I strongly believe that my writing is so unique,super-good and that it really can be one of the best one ever about the town of Essaouira.
    I’m an aspirant novelist and play-wrigh ,tand i write in English.
    I thank you.

    1. lynn Post author

      Dear Rachid,
      Please send me an e- mail with a little more information about your project, such as the purpose and audience.
      Don’t forget, setting up your own big is an easy way to self publish.
      All the best,

  5. Essaid Bahri

    Dera Madam,

    I am a native of Essaouira, and appreciate very much the work you do. I am offering language lessons . I hold a BA in English Linguistics and an Education Qualification Certificate from a Teacher Training School. I Taught English as a Foreign Languge in high Schools for more than 16 years, and served as Head of Pedagogical Affairs Business Unit at the Local Education Authority For 12 years. I also master French, Classical Arabic, Berber , and of course Moroccan Arabic. I am available to help learn any of these languages in a quick effective manner. if any of your friends, clients or acquaintances need linguistic assistance, I should be very happy to help.
    Best wishes
    Essaid Bahri

    1. lynn Post author

      Hi there,
      How is your book coming along?
      I see you have now joined the Essaouira Expats and Friends Facebook group (of which I am an admin) and you may find some potential clients there. Good luck!

  6. Michael Loomis

    Dear Lynn Sheppard: Hello. Michael Loomis here, a native of northern California, USA. I discovered your wonderful website about 6 months ago and am finally getting around to writing to you. I am a single man, aged 68 years, retired and have visited 25 countries. I have not visited Morocco, I am a former sailor and surfer (having built from start to finish 3 surfboards) and desire to visit Essaouira some time this fall. I know I can only visit El-Maroc for 90 days without a visa. Having said that, I would want to apply for a “carte de sejour.” Can you give me any advice about this permanent residence document? Also, I would want to look for a room to rent in a home or apartment in Essaouira beyond
    a stay of 3 months. Do you have any advice about this? I look forward in hearing from you in the near future. I have not purchased an airline ticket as of yet. I remain, Michael Loomis.


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