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Best of Essaouira e-book coverPlanning your trip to Essaouira? Already booked it? My e-book, The Best of Essaouira gives you the lowdown on how to make the most of your stay (and your precious time off)! Now in its 2nd edition.


Essaouira is just 2.5 hours from Marrakech, which makes it an easy day trip from the ‘Red City”. A quick glance through the travel reviews will show you though that once they’ve left the hustle (and hassle) of Marrakech behind, most tourists regret not spending longer in this coastal town. This small coastal city was once the bustling port for Timbuktu, where Chinese green tea (and British teapots) entered Morocco and from which spices, slaves and silver left. Today Essaouira has a relaxed, slightly windswept vibe guaranteed to ruin your schedule and force you to chill out.

No matter how much time you have here, you don’t want to waste it. The Best of Essaouira gives you the lowdown – three choices in each category of the best places to eat, sleep, shop, watch the sunset and grab an elusive beer. Likewise, three ways to meet locals, to give back to the community and to get out into the countryside. And much more: The Best of Essaouira contains over 75 top tips in a concise, downloadable e-book. It takes no extra space in your luggage and it’s all you’ll need.

The Best of Essaouira does what it says on the tin: the best information, up to the minute and pre-tested. You don’t need any other guide. This is the potted list and if you need anything else, you can get on the ground. Armed with this e-book, speak to the locals, meet other travellers and make your own itinerary. Just build in lots of time for coffee/tee breaks – they are the national pastime!

None of these locations, activities and businesses have paid to be included in The Best of Essaouira. They have been visited, tried or tested by Lynn Sheppard, author of this e-book, British expat resident of Essaouira, travel consultant and editor of

20% of the sales of this book go to Association Bayti, a local charity in Essaouira supporting kids from difficult social and family backgrounds. If you would like to support kids’ education in Essaouira (whether you buy the book or not), please click here. Thanks to book sales and other activities, this campaign has already raised £15,000!


If you have additions, amendments, reviews and suggestions for  the Best of Essaouira, please make them in the comments box, below.

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Best of Essaouira – city centre map

Best of Essaouira – Essaouira region map

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Lynn Sheppard maroc-o-phileAuthor of The Best of Essaouira, Lynn Sheppard, left a successful career in international relations and diplomacy to pursue her dream of living in Morocco in 2012. She has lived and worked across the globe and speaks 6 languages, but it was Essaouira, on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast, which she first visited in 2001, that captured her heart. Having lived there now for more than two years, supporting local non-profits on project management, fundraising and social media; advising travel companies on the local area and writing for her blog, she has become an expert on all things Swiri (ie. Essaouiran). Living and working among locals and expats, she experiences Moroccan culture from the inside, while her extensive travel experience means she can judge exactly what tourists want. Lynn loves international cuisine and cooking and hopes soon to launch Moroccan gourmet tourism and a Moroccan-themed catering business in the UK.

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“With the introduction of direct flights to Essaouira from London, Lynn Sheppard’s Best of Essaouira guidebook is perfectly timed and meticulously researched to provide the essential information for visitors from the UK and further afield.”
Colleen Cassar, maroc-o-phile and travel professional; leader of women’s travel to Morocco with Roam Like Queens

“If you’re contemplating a visit to Essaouira or even how long to stay, Lynn Sheppard’s inside scoop on this Moroccan seaside town is essential reading!”
Mandy Sinclair, Marrakech-based blogger at WhyMorocco and public relations professional/freelance writer

“I have spent a lot of time in beautiful, easy breezy eco/boho Essaouira and written various blog posts about it myself, and few people know Morocco’s kite-surf-and-camels (dromedaries, technically!) Atlantic town better than Lynn. I met her while I was in Essaouira and this guide is the most up to date around – by a long shot. If you’re going soon and have never been before, or have already been and want to go back, this is the only Essa guide you’ll need and Lynn has included the very newest places to eat, etc., so it’s really up to date.”
Fiona, Editor, The Beauty Shortlist

“This easy-to-read book is the ideal smartphone companion for any trip to Essaouira.”
Martin, Amazon reviewer

“What a lifesaver for our slightly impromptu trip to Essaouira last month! We didn’t have time to do much research before we went, so I downloaded Lynn’s e-book and took it with me, definitely the best travel ‘bible’ we’ve ever used on the ground on our travels!”
Heather Cole, The Conversant Traveller

“Unlike other guides, the information inside “The Best of Essaouira” is as current as you would hope it to be, and the top tips aren’t padded out with superfluous commercial ventures.”
Jane, Amazon reviewer


17 thoughts on “Best of Essaouira e-guide

  1. Martin

    Hi Lynn. Great website/blog, thanks! Don’t know why I’ve never found it before. Returning to Essaouria on a direct flight from London Luton in July….can’t wait although I understand it shall be Ramadan, which I suppose offers a different perspective. Thanks again for the great site.

    1. Katharine May

      Hi Lynn

      First of all thank you for “Maroc-o-Phile”. It’s such an informative website!

      I’m a Visual Artist and I come from Enniskillen County Fermanagh, N. Ireland. So far I’ve spent 5 weeks in total over the past year and a half visiting Essaouira and I have fallen head over heels in love with the place. So much so that I am seriously thinking of buying an apartment there. I intend to go back for a week in December 2016 (if all goes according to plan) to view properties. Could you tell me Lynn does the equivalent of rates exist in Essaouira? and if so roughly how much are they annually? Also do you think that it’s safe for a foreign woman to live on her own in Essaouira? I hope to find a place in the Kasbah area.
      I have also requested to join your Essaouira Expats page for further information. I don’t know what it is about the place that is so utterly captivating but it is. I am a true Maro-o-phile now! Looking forward to hearing from you. best wishes.

      1. lynn Post author

        Hi Katharine!
        I’m glad you like the site and thanks for buying the eguide! I’ll reply to your mail as soon as I can, but on all the ins and outs of property owning, you are best to ask those who do via the Expats group. Post a question and I’ll tag some folks who could help answer it. Good luck with your house hunt! There are plenty of foreign women living alone in the medina, I’m sure if you follow all the usual precautions you’ll be fine!

  2. Jane Turner

    “The Best of Essaouira” is a comprehensive, practical guide to the city. More than anything seen on TV or scanned in media articles, reading this clear and informative guide has boosted my desire to visit Essaouira *and* soothed any concerns about the “visit-ability” of the city. Unlike other guides, the information inside “The Best of Essaouira” is as current as you would hope it to be, and the top tips aren’t padded out with superfluous commercial ventures. As a proportion of the profits from the ebook go to supporting a local association that helps marginalised children, you get to give *and* receive in the purchase of the book. Highly recommended!

    1. lynn Post author

      Thanks for buying my book and for your lovely review, Jane! Hope to see you in Essaouira some day, incha’Allah!

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  4. Heather Cole

    What a lifesaver for our slightly impromptu trip to Essaouira last month! We didn’t have time to do much research before we went, so I downloaded Lynn’s e-book and took it with me, definitely the best travel ‘bible’ we’ve ever used on the ground on our travels! Thanks to the tips we saw all the main sights, a few lesser-known ones that we would otherwise have missed, and had the best night out of our entire 2 week trip at the Caravane Cafe, thanks to the suggestion in the book. It’s great to be able to trust a resource like this, knowing that it is written by someone who actually lives there and knows all the insider secrets. Great guide, thanks so much!

    1. lynn Post author

      Thanks for your review, Heather – I am glad you enjoyed your trip to Essaouira and that The Best of Essaouira helped you make the most of it!

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  8. Essaid Bahri

    Hi Miss Sheppard,
    Congratulations on your blog! I am a native of Essaouira. I am writing a novel with a jewish cultural background, trying to shed light on elements of history covering almost the whole of nineteenth century Essaouira. I am writing in English, And I wonder if it would be possible at all for you to advise me on available opportunities for publishing the novel and reaching English speaking jewish communities of Essaouira origins.
    Thank you very much

    1. lynn Post author

      Hi there!
      Thanks for your comment. I am no expert on publishing (I have only done e-publishing). I think to reach the English-speaking Jewish community of Swiri origin, you need to speak to Haim Bitton at the Slat Lkahal synagogue. If you are writing about Essaouira 19th century history, I am sure you know him. If you need his contact details, do send me an e-mail.

    2. Mel

      Dear Essaid,

      I am currently conducting some research into 19th century Jewish Essaouira and would like to chat to you about your work, if you would be willing? If so please advise an email address.


  9. Aziz omar Mehta

    Good morning Lynn, hope you well, I am a 52 year old south African muslim male currently visiting the in – laws in safi
    Was hoping to get around essoueria this week – I am also looking for work in that area – perhaps u would be able to meet me or you can advise me via email or watsapp, what are the possibilities of an English speaking person getting a job in the area

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thanking you in advance

    Aziz omar Mehta

    Telephone / watsapp 0690644392

    1. lynn Post author

      Hi Aziz Omar,
      The obvious sectors for English-speakers to find work are in tourism and teaching. To be official and legal, as a foreigner, you will need to set up your own company or get an employer to prove that a Moroccan couldn’t do the job. This is possible, but it’s a bureaucratic process (designed to prioritise Moroccans in the labour market, which, given unemployment rates, is understandable). For more information on employment in Morocco, you can ask at the Anapec (Employment) office in Essaouira. Any taxi driver can take you there.
      Good luck!


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