3G internet access

There are a surprising number of cafes and hotels offering wifi access in most Moroccan towns and cities as well as internet cafes in every neighbourhood.  However, if you can’t live without internet access for long, you may wish to consider using a dongle to access the 3G mobile network. The coverage in towns and cities is excellent, although it may be less reliable in rural or mountainous areas.

The main providers are: Maroc Telecom/iam, inwi/wana and Meditel. You can check the latest offers on their websites if you can read a little French. Top ups can be bought from most kiosk/tabacs. To buy the dongle and get started, or to make the most of a specific special offer, you are often better off going to the actual shop of the telecom company. (The inwi website, for example, has a list of ‘points de vente’).

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    1. lynn Post author

      I don’t think so – not enough Moroccans have functioning credit cards to make this a popular option. You can top them up in plenty of places, though, or give the number to a friend to top up your credit.


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