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I once offered information about teachers of yoga in Essaouira on TripAdvisor and I have subsequently responded to – on average – 1-2 queries a month in relation to this topic. In an attempt to make this information searchable, I compile it below.

Here are the contact details of those teachers I know of who are teaching yoga in Essaouira. Let me know if you know of others.

Laila: 06 36 55 39 61 (also on Facebook)

Jo: 06 96 94 58 74 

Brynn: 06 91 20 63 32 (ashtanga and vinyasa styles)

Karim: Call/What’sApp +61 405 792 052 (Australian number) or Facebook

Jana: 06 96 63 14 74 (ashtanga style lessons of 1hr20m for individuals or groups)

Maria: contact via Facebook (ashtanga style)

Schedules and venues change and classes may be offered on a group or individual basis, so it’s best to call to get the latest details.

Rachel organises yoga retreats in Essaouira and elsewhere. Contact her on: 06 08 50 37 18 or through her website.

Free yoga is available on the beach in front of the Atlas Hotel on the first Saturday of the month at 10:30 am. See the Mind-Body-Soul Facebook group for further details.

There are also pilates classes available in Essaouira, with Steve (tel: 06 37 82 78 33) and Tai Chi and Chi Gong classes with Yves (on Facebook)

Please note, I have not done classes with any of these yoga teachers, so it’s up to you to go along and see if their style suits you.

4 thoughts on “Yoga in Essaouira

  1. Andrew

    Hi. Do you know of any gyms in essaoira that are path? We are staying in Villa Quieta opposite burger and friends . Thanks.

    1. lynn Post author

      Hi Andy,
      There is a gym called MogaMove in the the new town (ask a taxi driver) which has separate men’s and women’s sessions and gets good reviews. Otherwise the larger hotels have gyms – the one at the Sofitel in Diabat is particularly good (but not cheap). There are also plenty of yoga and pilates classes around town.


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