What is expat life in Essaouira like?

Thinking of moving to Essaouira? Wondering what Morocco is like for your holiday or for a longer stay? If you would like to know more about expat life in Essaouira, check out my interview on expatfinder.com

4 thoughts on “What is expat life in Essaouira like?

  1. julia hoskinson

    Is it really relatively easy to set up a company and work as a freelancer? What documents are required?

    1. lynn Post author

      Hi Julia,
      That really depends on where you are resident for tax purposes, which varies from country to country. If you are resident in Morocco for tax purposes, it is relatively simple to set yourself up as self-employed – a good accountant can explain to you the pros and cons of various company forms (mainly related to the liability should anything go wrong and the set up costs and level of bureaucracy). Depending on the tax regime where you currently are, you may find it simpler and/or cheaper to stay tax resident there, which may entail you spending a certain number of days in/out of each country. All in all, it is much easier for a non-Moroccan to set up their own company/as a sole trader than it is to get a job.

  2. brandi

    We are interested in moving to morocco and have kids age 5mos, 2yrs, and 10yrs. We are Americans, but they speak French since my husband is French. I’m concerned about there being enough to do in Marrakech for them, yet my husband things we would prefer a coastal town like Essaouira because its less hectic, but Im afraid there will be even less to do for all of us, not just the kid. Would love to hear any thoughts you might have.

    1. lynn Post author

      It really depends on what you are looking for. You will find different things to do in each city and you will probably be able to travel around this fantastically diverse and interesting country looking for fun and adventure. Marrakech and Essaouira are easy to visit from each other – it’s a 2.5 hour drive and many expats divide their time between the two. Marrakech is big, busy and international. Essaouira is quieter, has the benefit of the sea and has a more easily-navigable community. If you have kids, I imagine a key issue for you will be schooling. You will probably want to research your options thoroughly. You will also want to research your options for earning money, if this is an issue for you. Depending on what you do and what your skills are, different locations will offer different opportunities. I am the admin of a Facebook group, Essaouira Expats and Friends. I suggest you request to join and ask your questions there. There are many foreigners living a very fulfilling family life in Essaouira. There are other groups that could advise you regarding life in other cities.
      Good luck!


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